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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
You may be understandably cautious on your first buying expedition, you may try to play it safe and buy a bit of everything in the belief that on the next order one can purchase more confidently.. You may even visualize the possible makings of a strong range, and then defeat the whole exercise by buying one or a few of each item just to be on the safe side. The problem with this strategy is that it will leave you with nothing to measure the strength of a potential popular line.
Many first time buyers are overwhelmed by the sheer scale and variety of products available in Indonesia.
It is therefore important for each buyer to select or create a focused range of products without getting too distracted by so much choice. Our suggestions is to try to draw a story or product range out of so much diversity.
It is therefore possible to purchase different items from several suppliers with a similar theme running through the core of each item.
Buyers in our experience often select products through impulse “Oh I just love that “ I’m sure it will sell”. Selecting something because it’s looks appealing may work to a limited extent but there are other factors to take into consideration. For instance, the smart buyer will always try to strike a discipline between money value and the aesthetic value. It would be recommended to choose something less ornate in the range but slightly cheaper. This is evident in the case of selecting wood carvings, choosing a slightly simpler piece with less detail rather than a more complex working, will not only cost less at the check out counter but the customer will not have seen the difference anyway. Another point is to try to ensure that the items you are selecting matches with the rest of the range. Even if you are buying from different suppliers, try to keep in the back of your mind the discipline of keeping matching colours and styles together. If possible take photographs of the samples and then later you can place everything under closer scrutiny before making a final decision..
A range can be anything from the decorative, the ornamental or the functional. Its great if you can combine all three. For instance CD Racks and DVD Racks are popular soft wood items and there are many styles and colors available to choose from.
Naturally in some cases these rules do not always apply. Splashing out on a few stunning looking items with equal price tags to match will not only help to attract buyers in to your shop by wetting their appetites, it will also appeal to certain buyers who “require” that something special...However one needs to exercise care as it won’t take very long for a potential customers to perceive that you are “too expensive”
We suggest sticking to a similar matching color, texture or graphic. Too many different colors ,textures and designs become too busy and create distraction. A similar theme running across the range will help to create strong visual impact and emphasize the CD storage theme. By telling a story you capture the imagination of your audience.
Animal themes such as cat wood carvings are very popular and in addition to selecting cats carvings try finding a cat bookend, a cat box, a cat calendar or lampshade base to match...
We suggest limiting the choice of size ranges. Too many choices on sizes can often confuse the customer. The sizes that you cannot sell will end up diluting the initial visual impact and eventually the unsalable product will have to be marked down to clear the range thus reducing your profit margin
Choosing value for money makes for obvious business sense. Certain styles of furniture and particularly handicrafts are available in many size formats and the size cost maybe be only marginally different, a small increases in material cost will take as much time to build.
Further to this some of our customers measure the amount of floor space a potential product is going to occupy, after taking the floor space limit into account the customer will opt for thin tall objects as opposed to a wide flat object which will ultimately take up less floor space.
Village life is at the heart of the Indonesian temperament. Most of the principal Javanese cities such as Solo and Bandung are just larger extensions of village life. You will need to therefore adopt a more “ laid back “ style
For westerners arriving on the shores of Indonesia this in stark contrast to the subterranean world of metro subways, high rise dwellings, high speed networks and spreadsheet flowcharts.
The western addiction to speed and efficiency really has little place in Indonesian life. Therefore further consideration should be taken into your buying strategy. In most cases orders are processed without any problems. However make some allowance for a margin of error to be built into every time frame. Factor in extended public or religious holidays
or communication problems either through language misunderstandings or delays in the suppliers obtaining raw materials. One of the golden rules of communication is never to raise your voice when misunderstandings or problems are encountered is considered the height of bad manners...and most Indonesian will go out of there way to “save face”in order to avoid confrontation.
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