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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
Finding your way to the main manufacturers locations is the first hurdle in achieving your goal. Understanding the topography and layout of the suppliers terrain should be the first objective. Many first time buyers begin their search in the main tourist hot spots. Although products can be sourced in this way, it is important to understand that most of the vendors wares on display are mainly targeted for tourists. The main manufacturers activities lies beyond the Kuta and immediate beach area. Further to this many of the specialist crafts people are often clustered together in the same vicinity. This is extremely helpful when looking for immediate choice and competitive pricing.
The main locations for sourcing in Bali are either in Kuta or Seminyak or up country in the region of Ubud. Ubud is the main source for Handicraft production in Bali. The local area Markets are also an excellent place to source. Visit the Kumbasari market in Denpasar and the Sukawati market in Sukawati.
A guide to all the principal manufacturing regions
We suggest printing this map out as your reference, there are only tourist & sight seeing maps available for sale in Bali.