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Public holidays

Public Holidays have a direct effect on the business visitors and the production time frames.

There are numerous public holidays in Indonesia and although the population is mainly Muslim, the constitutional framework of the country permits all religions to have equal holiday status. Therefore religious holidays must be observed by all citizens.

The information provided is an outline of

the principal holidays.

Up to the end of 2019

Nyepi 17 March 2018

Nyepi 6 March 2019

Occasion : Hindu ceremony.

Most businesses are closed for three days to five days.

Nyepi day there  is curfew on street where all resident are ordered to stay indoors. NO access to streets and shops.

Galungan 1st November 2017 ( Every seven months)

Galungan 30 th May 2018

Occasion : Hindu celebration in Bali, business closed for three days

Many factories and business closed for the duration.

Please avoid Christmas period from 24 December until 2 January

This is because local visitors from Jakarta literally invade the Island.

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