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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
60 C per day
$ 3.00 per day
$ 20.00 till 35.00 per day
The best place to change your money is on the street.
$ 55.00 till 95.00 per day
The street vendors have more competitive rates than the banks.
Indonesia is still  very much  a cash based society. Although credit cards  can be usedto pay for services like your hotel accommodation, on the street cash is still the main basis for trading. Our advice is to bring travelers cheques or cash. For regular business transaction or if you are using the services of  a third party such as friend or Buying agent, funds  can be transferred directly to a  bank account in Indonesia.
Although the population of Indonesia is predominately Muslim, the political frame work of the country permits all religions to share equal status. Religious public holidays are observed by all it’s citizens. Meaning, there are lots of public holidays and some holidays can endure for almost an entire week. This can have a direct effect not only for business visitors but also production time frames. It is important to be able to adapt oneself to the cultural & economic climate. Therefore one should always behave in a polite and respectful manner when conducting business, it is considered very impolite to raise ones voice publicly in anger.
For casual buyers or business buyers, most prices for handicrafts or furniture can be negotiated. If you are a business buyer the concept of wholesaling is alien to the local suppliers. The correct phrase to use is “ the business price”. Most suppliers are generally honest and will respond your price query by offering a cheaper price. For the business buyer, production time can take anything from a few days to several weeks. Local customs can often effect the production schedules. It is very important that you check with the suppliers for possible holidays or religious ceremonies taking place during the time order is being processed. Further to this you need to be aware that some local suppliers will often confirm that your order will be finished on time. However due to pressures to complete other orders, especially during the Christmas buying period, they may not be capable of giving you a realistic assessment.
The predominate religion in Bali is Hindu. Visitors will observe for instance that Balinese woman generally do not smoke and their dress code is very modest. Wearing a brassier is a must and considered respectable. Nudity and nakedness is considered very improper. To observe an over weight foreign tourist walking along the side walk wearing very skimpy clothing to the local looks seems lewd and distasteful. Although the locals are extremely tolerant and understand the differences regarding their cultural and foreign visitors, it is suggested that visitors should try to confine the wearing of bikinis and short apparel to the Beach fronts and hotel swimming pools. When visiting a government building such as the department of immigration it is recommended to wear a shirt and suitable shoes.
Although the business community is generally fair & honest in Bali, the quality of service can vary enormously from supplier to supplier and from order to order. The differences in production quality can range from the down right shoddy to the superb. Indonesian crafts people rank amongst some of the best wood carvers in the world. However, you will need to check your finished orders thoroughly, for defects and for invoice for errors before making payment. If you are ordering to the suppliers directly from outside of Indonesia, it is recommended to employ the services of a friend or a buying agent to ensure good quality standards.
National and local Public holidays in Indonesia can have a  direct  effect  on production time frames in all manufacturing sectors.
Public transport is for local community, it's very cheap and recommended only for the adventurous who don't mind getting lost occasionally. Unless you know the going rate for taxi hire, make sure it's metered
If you are hiring a car plus driver for few days, the price is usually negotiable.... But always try to get a few quotes first
If you are driving a vehicle, make sure you are carrying your drivers licence
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