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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
One cubic meter size
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity is 8 cubic meters:
This is due to the initial cost of the documentation for LCL shipments (Less than container loads). The freight delivery charges are levied by the cubic meter but the documentation is metered as per shipment . The distinction is that initial cost of the documentation for the 1 st few cubic is $ 175.00 +/- . However once this figure is divided in to the stipulated 8 cubic meter limit then the average cost per cm /3 sits at around the $22.00 mark. Therefore a $200.00 Order @ at a one cubic meter volume makes the cost of delivery prohibitive.
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Can you give us idea of the size and volume comparisons for LCL
(Less container load) and FCL ( Full container load) shipments?
A cubic meter takes up the size of ten of our standard shipping carton boxes
(see photo for detail)
The dimension of each carton box is 62x41x35 cm
Each carton is roughly the size of a large Desktop computer case.
Please note that LCL shipments require more packing material to ensure that they are fully protected during the journey.The packed boxes containing the merchandise are finally packed in special wooden crates for further safe protection. Please allow for an extra 15% volume for packing protection materials.
Does the Quality of the product displayed in your catalogue match our
All the products displayed in our catalogue are randomly taken from
previous customers orders.
The photo images are edited via adobe photoshop . We use the latest monitor calibration tools in order to obtain colour accuracy.
However as all of these items are "handcrafted", small variations in colour and size will occur.
Can we change the colour on some items?
Yes! You can change the colours on some of the items. The products
on displayed on our catalogue are tried and tested products...but if a different colour is requested.....we cannot always guarantee the outcome.
How secure are the money transfer?
Graven Image has been dealing with money transfers for over 20 years.
Sending money to Bali is extremely secure.
All transfers can be sent through the normal Banking systems. The transfer take from between three to five working days to reach our account in Bali. Your bank will issue you with a reference transfer number.
What is the recommended currency to transfer?
The recommended currency for transfer is in US Dollar or Euros.
This is because all containers lines are paid in US Dollars. However we also except credit cards via Pay Pal. Please note: Pay Pal charges 2% commission per transaction.
Please note:
The images & information on this website are intended to express a clear, honest and accurate picture of the products and services represented.
If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve our presentations, we would be happy to hear from you.
Can you show me a Sample invoice document, including the "Break
.......down" of all the Costs involved.
The two sample invoices illustrated here are for L.C.L (Less than container load shipment) and for an F.C.L (Full container load) Please note these are Not quotations but merely intended as sample illustrations.
Can you give me a "break down" of all the shipping documents required
for despatching my goods?
To export to your country you will need:
These documents will be provided by Graven Image.
(1) A bill of Lading or Airway bill (issued by carrier)
(2) Packing list & Invoice (Forwarder/Shipper)
(3) Certificate of Origin (Indonesian Dept. Of Trade)
(4) Fumigation certificate (Surveyor)
Customer needs to provide these details to Shipper:
(A) Address to port of Discharge
(B) Invoice of goods
(C) Location of goods from suppliers
For collection of the Delivery on arrival
(1) Notification of the ETA (expected time of arrival)
(2) Documents sent by Courier 7 - 10 days prior to ETA
(3) We advise you to appoint a clearing agent (re: yellow pages) for customs clearence and arranging for truck delivery to consignee.