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Situated in Campuhan
area opposite the Neka art
gallery (Highly recommended)
famous for it's
Ten kilometres from Ubud. the drive takes you through center of the Handicraft industry. The Restaurant is positioned at
the side of a ravine, the view
grilled ribs an introduction
to genuine Indonesian food.
is spectacular. Top class ingredients go into the preparation of their excellent cuisine.
Ubud is a small village situated up country about one hour drive from the Kuta area. Considered to be the "cultural" soul of Bali, it is also the heartland of handicraft industry. The area is full of old temples, art galleries, ceremonial dancing and of
course.......inviting restaurants.
The Back packers choice that bristles with travelers atmosphere. A good choice of very good value for money food. If you want to try Indonesian food then the Batan Waru is the choice. The "Nasi Campur" (Variety of sweetmeats) is excellent. The Fried Tempe and Tofu
There are almost 17.000 islands in Indonesia. If you are looking for a sampling of authentic Indonesian cuisine, Warung enak
The vegeburger is the best in entire archipelago. is second to none.
Indonesian & pasta choices.
is the place to go.
Indonesian menu