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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
Choice of locations in Kuta and Seminyak. If you want to try Indonesian food then the Made's Warung is the choice. It's was one of the first Indonesian restaurants
to cater for western tastes back in the 70's...but it also the place to be seen for
the Jakartan "celebs"
Indonesian & pasta choices.
Exotic tropical locations are
synonymous with good food and Bali is no exception.
There is an abundance
of foods and restaurants.
You can be served delicious
food from street vendors or
enjoy the most palatable cuisine
set in some
the most luxurious
settings on this planet.
Just a few illustrative "morsels" on
where to find good food
Fresh sea food served
on the beach, eaten
almost a "stone throw"
away from where it has been caught
Italian style restaurant in an ideal tropical beach setting. One of the most popular venues for the local expatriates.
...Also the perfect setting
for a romantic dinner
Situated right on the Beach front next tauranto the Oberoi Hotel.
By day this is a watering hole
for sunbathers.
By night this is a top class restaurant.
A great meeting & eating place Bali Bakery represents the standard for both locals and visitors by which all restaurants are measured in Bali
Close to the Beach front with access via the double six road.
Italian food is the order of the day.
A popular hang out for local
expats.The crowded beach
front makes for
a great atmosphere.