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How it Works........
Once your order has been confirmed by us, we will be requesting a deposit of 40% of the list value of the goods ordered.
Payment can be made either through a bank transfer or personally through our office in Ubud.
We will furnish our bank details as soon as your order is placed.
There are three options available for delivering your goods :
(1) Full container load (FCL)
(2) Less than container load (LCL) Cost per cubic meter
For quotations to your country please remember to give us the port of delivery
The terms and conditions are intended to assist as a guideline
and to further clarify the responsibilities of all parties involved
1. The ordering process begins immediately following 40% of the funds for goods being received by Graven Image.
This will also include Letters of credit orders.

(A full outline & explanation regarding deposits for LOC orders can be obtained on request.)

2. Letter of credit customers will be required to take out an “All risk” insurance policy and must be responsible for the cost of their insurance arrangements.
3.New visitors to Bali:
A. Please note: All tours to new suppliers are free of charge and are included in our services. However our services are only available to Buyers who show a serious intention of purchasing products in Indonesia. Following the conclusion of a tour to suppliers, buyers are expected to complete their orders before departing from Bali, leaving sufficient funds in order to pay deposits to suppliers. However, if buyers are unable to complete their orders following the completion of the tour or require more time to prepare theirs orders, then a deposit fee of $175.00 per day for the amount of days spent on the road will be charged accordingly. The Deposit amount will be refunded immediately on the receipt of the final order invoice...

Please note: Complimentary airport pick ups are only available for our regular customers, providing adequate notice is given.
B. All visitors after having completed their tours with our Sourcing team, must place their orders prior to departing from Bali or leave a sufficient deposit in
order to demonstrate their intention to continue doing business with Graven Image. ( See section 6 for special exceptions)
4. Sourcing tours are free of charge but will only be conducted on the undesrtanding that an order for either and airfreight ,LCL or FCL container will be placed at
the conclusion of the tour.

Guide lines set for days spent on the road traveling to suppliers are : .
A. LCL customer order average 1-2 days on the road.
B. 20 foot container order average 2-3 days on the road.
C. 40 foot container order average 3-4 days on the road.
While we remain flexible regarding each clients requirements, additional time spent on the road, may incur an extra charge of $70 per day.

5. No preview or sampling tours with a view to possibly conducting full tours are available.
6. Customers who are still undecided as to the volumes or quantities required to complete their orders and are wishing to place their orders at a later date are
free to do so, providing adequate funds are placed with us to cover the deposit amount required for an average air freight LCL or FCL Shipment.
7. Graven Image must be informed of any other parties involved in either the assisting of services, buying products or other activities out side the scope of the
Graven Image buying agency.
8. Goods remaining with Graven Image for more than two months:
A. Graven Image cannot be responsible for the depreciation or damage to goods due to prolonged periods of storage.
B. As a result of a container being filled to capacity and goods are left behind, Graven Image will offer free storage for a maximum of two months.
Any special requirements or arrangements must first be discussed with the management.
C. Any goods that remain in storage with Graven Image for more than a two month period may incur a storage cost metered by the cubic meter.

9. Shipping delivery schedules
A. In order for Graven Image to meet the shipping delivery schedules, customers will be required to transfer the balance of funds on time..
B. The request for the balance of funds to be payed will be made approximately 7-10 days prior to the collection of orders from suppliers.
C. The consequence for any delays in the receiving of the funds will result in the shipping deliveries being rescheduled. Orders may be cancelled and any
deposits will be forfeited to the suppliers if the funds are not transferred within a one month period following our request for payment.
D. Graven Image will take in to account any extenuating circumstances.
10. There are four parties involved through out the process of the Sourcing, ordering and delivery of Indonesian products
Namely: The Buying Agency, The manufacturer, The shipper and The Freight container lines
The supply of services ,goods, packing preparation and the freight delivery are all separate entities.
A. The Graven Image buying agency is responsible for the sourcing, ordering and quality controlling of all goods.
The Manufacturer is responsible for the Manufacturing. Any defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer .
The shipping & Packing company is responsible for the packing preparation, fumigation and export documentation.
The delivery of goods is the responsibility of the container /freight line.
B. Any defects in product should be reported to Graven Image within seven days of receiving the shipment.
C. Any claim for damages must be supported by photographic evidence.
11. The Shipping documents (Bill of Lading) will be forwarded to the customer via courier service following the payment for freight and goods.
The Bill of Lading will be despatched 10 days prior to shipment arriving at port destination.
12 . All goods remain the property of Graven Image until paid for in full.
The supply and purchase of goods via our agent service and the freight forwarding delivery are two separate services. Although the Freight and shipping companies are appointed by Graven Image, it is the sole responsibility of the Freight company to safely deliver your goods.
There are two types of insurance cover available
(1) Insurance cover included in the cost of the shipping. The insurance offered by the shipping line only covers a limited liability. It covers liability in the event of the vessel or container being lost at sea or if the containers is damaged or defective resulting in damage to your goods. Full details of total liabilities can be obtained from the shipping line
(2)) Additional insurance cover
A comprehensive insurance cover by a independent broker is available at a premium of 1.5% of the cost of goods.
Breakages & Claims
Claims for breakages or damages can be made to the freight forwarding company.
Claims can be made through our office at Graven Image. Graven Image will deal with all claims on the customer’s behalf.
1. Please refer to the copy of the Bill of Lading for terms & conditions
2. Additional insurance cover is available please ask for further details
3. A full inventory of damaged & broken goods must be submitted to our Graven Image office within seven days of receiving your shipment.
4. All damaged goods must be supported by photographic evidence
A. The photographic Services are a separate service from the Buying agency.
B. Studio sessions are charged as per day.
C. This charge includes the use of all equipment and facilities.
D. The separate use of Studio equipment is also charged as per day.
E. Information regarding equipment and facilities for hire will be issued on request.
F. A cost estimate will be issued on the completion of a story board and assessment of the subject matter.
( Product samples will require an assessment at the Studio before issuing any estimates)
G. Graven Image will require a 30% deposit of the cost estimate before commencing with the shoot
Please note:
The images & information on this website are intended to express a clear, honest and accurate picture of the products and services represented. If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms on how to improve our presentations, we would be happy to hear from you.