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Time saving...
Sourcing, ordering, Quality Control & Final Shipping
As your Buying Agent we can save you time. Our experienced sourcing team will transport you swiftly and directly to all the principal manufacturing locations. The ordering procedure can be processed and completed within a matter of days
Since 1986 Graven Image has been committed to the development and production of Indonesian products. Our history is grounded in exhibiting products through international trade shows. We can meet the requirements of retailers, wholesalers, interior designers, hoteliers, charitable trusts and private buyers.
Product locations...
We currently deal with over 500 suppliers and are familiar with all aspects of local manufacturing, including raw materials, competitive pricing and production time frames..
Our introduction service enables you to easily source and develop new products within a matter of days.
The four Steps rquired for Processing an order
1. Sourcing
A new product range will take any buyer time to source, There are four Principal locations in Bali where products can be sourced Kuta, Seminyak, Sukawati and Andong in Ubud. Some of these locations are 30-40 Kilometres apart. We at Graven Image can “ fast track” you to all the locations where you will be able to source new products quickly..
Understanding your needs
Since every buyer has their own different requirement or buying strategy, A Buying Agent should be able to place itself inside each buyers needs. The quality control procedures should ensure that the product matches the order, for the correct specification price and paint finish.
Special packing requirements such as labeling, or the packaging of individual products should be the Buying Agents responsibility. The arranging for bar coding systems if required should also be included.
Graven Image has over twenty years of experience. Our quality of Service means a quality product.
2. Ordering
A Most suppliers do not carry “ready Stocks” Therefore the products will need to be ordered. New orders can take anything from 4-5 weeks to complete. N.B Some Balinese ceremonial holidays need to be considrerd. A deposit of 40-50% will need to be placed before the order can commence. We at Graven Image will place your order & will perform periodic follow ups as to the progress of your order. Further to this our staff are bilingual, ensuring that there are no misunderstandings regarding sizes and colourways or any special detail regarding your order.
Lets us do the leg work...
Most products, materials depending , can take anything from two to six weeks to complete. Select the products you require and leave us to do the rest. You are then free to return to your base to deal with the running of your business.
3. Quality control
Anyone who has done their buying in Indonesia before, will know that Quality control is an essential part of the ordering process. All quality control should be conducted by an independent party before dispatching. For the production of Handicrafts and furniture in Indonesia there are skilled crafts people & excellent sustainable resources available. However, the quality of products can vary from supplier to supplier and from order to order. We know the good from the bad and our quality control procedures will ensure that any product faults will be minimized. N.B Some products are made from natural materials and despite careful quality control procedures, may occasionally be prone shrinkage.
You can directly from our catalogue
If you are unable to visit Bali, not to worry, we can process your order, and complete all the necessary steps so that your shipment will reach you on time and in perfect condition. Please click or tap on our ordering section for further information
4. Packing & shipping
Once an order has been received, a shipping company should be capable of making calculations in order to determine the volume required to fill a container. This should enable the buyer to finalise their order according to their budgets and requirements. We at Graven Image make great efforts to maximize all available space. The follow up of orders ensures that products are completed on time and during the packing stage, each product is counted, documented and carefully packed. During the packing preparation we try to mix the larger items with the smaller items, often packing products inside other products. Finally, within a matter of weeks after your shipment has departed we will send to you by courier all the relevant shipping documentation required for clearing with customs and excise
Our fully equipped Studio facilities enables us to produce material for catalogues prepared & ready weeks before the deliveries arrive. Our competitive pricing is considerably lower as compared to other European American & Australian services. Please contact us for further information regarding pricing and packages available
How we test

Product are tested for standards of Finish.

Product are tested for standards of construction.

Wood product are tested for minimum moisture content.

Product are tested independentlyfrom the supplier.

Product are tested for safety produced by
Our condtitions for touring to the suppliers
Please note: All tours to new suppliers are free of charge and are included in our services. However our services are only available to Buyers who show a serious intention of purchasing products in Indonesia. Following the conclusion of a tour to suppliers, buyers are expected to complete their orders and leaving sufficient funds in order to pay deposits to suppliers. Orders will only be initiated after deposit payment to the suppliers are completed. If buyers have special requirements with regards to their ordering needs, we would be happy to discuss the matter before commencing with the tour.