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Set of 3 large rainbow boxes

Size L: 30x50x30, M: 25x47x25, S: 20x40x20.
Colour: Multi colours.
Material: Sea grass.
Finish: Varnished acrylic.
Price from supplier: IDR 345.000
Min.order: 5 sets.

Boxes fit inside each other for efficient transporting.

Size: 32x22x6.5 Cm.
Colour: Multi colors.
Material: Sea grass.
Price from supplier: IDR 21.000
Min.order: 10 pieces.

Size: 14x27x7.5
Colour: multicolors.
Material: Sea grass.
Price from supplier: IDR 31.050
Min.order: 10 pieces.

Rainbow cutlery box
Rainbow tissue box