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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
SB0004 , SB0005 & SB0006
Selection of wooden boxes with bronze top

Size L:17x17x22 M:17x17x15 S:13.5x13.5x11. Colour available: Dark brown. Material: teak wood & bronze. Price from supplier:

IDR 114.000, 102.000 & 90.000

Minimum order are 5 pieces each style

SB0001 & SB0002 Palm sticks tissue box & bamboo tissue box

Size 14x14x14.5 & 26x14.5x7.5 cm Colour: dark brown. Material: Palm sticks & bamboo. Price from supplier: IDR 44.000 Each
Min. order: 5 pieces.

SB0007, SB0008, SB0009 & SB0010 Selection of 4 teak boxes

Size XL:12x12x10 L:10x10x6 M:8x8x6.5 S:6x6x6 cm.
Colour available: Dark brown.
Material: Teak wood.
Price from supplier: IDR 57.600, 38.400, 33.600 & 22.800
Min.order: 10 pieces.