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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
PT0097 & PT0098 Brown pot with egg shell ornament (Large & Medium)

Size: 23x23x82 Cm & 15x15x60 Cm
Colour: As photo
Material: Clay & egg shell
Price from supplier: IDR 192.000 & 132.000 Min. order: 5 pieces

Set of 3 plain bottle pots

Size L:27x27x100, M: 25x25x80, S: 23x23x50 Cm
Colour: White
Material: Terracotta
Price from supplier: IDR 240.000
Min. order: 3 sets

PT0011 Oval pot with sarong
PT0012 Round pot with sarong

Size: 25x17x40 Cm & 30x30x60 Cm
Colour: As photo
Material: Clay & Sarong
Price from supplier: IDR 60.000 & 90.000 Min. order: 10 pieces