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PT0208 Set of 3 Reclaimed teak wood pots.
Size: 35x35x70cm, 40x40x45cm, 25x25x25cm
Colour: Natural
Material: teak wood
Price from supplier:
IDR 350.000, 300.000, 80.000 each
Min.order: 5 pieces.
PT0092 Blue abstract pot
PT0093 Green abstract pot
PT0094 Orange abstract pot
PT0095 Light blue abstract pot
PT0096 Dark orange abstract pot
PT0092: 8x8x38 Cm . PT0093:20x20x61Cm. PT0094: 20x20x61Cm. PT0095: 8x8x32 Cm
PT0096: 8x8x30 Cm
Colour: As photo
Material: Mango wood
Price from supplier:
IDR 150.000, 270.000, 270.000, 150.000 & 150.000
Min.order: 3 pieces.