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Buying and Shipping Agents in Bali
Single cat white washed

Size 100 Cm height.
Colour White washed.
Material albesia wood.
Finish: Wax polished.
Price from supplier: IDR 45.600
Min. order: 20 pieces.

Set of 3 cats strip

Size: 14 Cm height.
Colour: Cream, black and Orange.
Material: Albesia wood.
Finish: Wax polished.
Original price: IDR 45.000
Min. order: 30 pieces.

Folded cat sign

Size extended 44x23x2 Cm.
Folded 17x23x6 Cm
Colour Brown,
Material MDF.
Finish: Painted.
Price from supplier: IDR 31.080
Min. order: 25 pieces.